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Once upon a time, there was this charming couple, Ted and Lisa who would come over to Burgundy to enjoy wine tasting and food savoring.

Every year, they would come back and discover new wineries and establish relations with the wine maker.

One day an evil disease appeared preventing Lisa and Ted from coming over to Burgundy. and our wine makers to share their magic potion: Burgundy Wines.

Letters came from every foreign kingdom asking our travel agency, Secret Wine Tour, to find a solution until the wicked curse would ward off.

Until finally, after a few months of hard work, creativity, few zooms and a lot of witchcraft Secret Wine Tour and their wonderful partners found a magic cure: creating a secret membership Wine Society that could deliver the precious elixir in every single realm.

And ever since then, all travelers can choose their wines from Burgundy directly online and among new and brilliant winemakers.

Premium Burgundy Wine Selection

• With over 4 000 wine distributors (including wine merchant, cooperative cellars and wine-producing estates) it can be daunting to choose and discover what Burgundy as to offer when it comes to wine.

• With also more than 80 appellations, how is it possible to get the essence of what makes Burgundy the most famous wine in the world ?

• Well, we have worked hard, tasted a lot, selecting what to our opinion and our customers opinion could please you. Knowing that wine is after all a matter of personal taste, our selections are based on feedback of what our customers have most appreciated during their wine tours in Burgundy with us.

• With more than ten years of experience and travelling around Burgundy where we are based, we can say we have a little knowledge because Burgundy never cease to surprise you. New wine makers bring new vinification techniques while keeping its authenticity and that is what we also want to bring to you so you can experience all kinds of production process.

• We have chosen a different selection of the best wineries we are working with for each month of 2021 starting in February.

• 3 different configurations for each selection: all red, all white or a blend of red and white wines of Burgundy.

Door to door wine shipping

• We look after every detail regarding shipping administration process.

• We are specialized in US shipping but we can provide to many more destinations so that allows you to be part of our Private Wine Club wherever you are (check out the list of countries we are able to deliver shipping services).

• We make a point of ensuring the best shipping services and delivery to your door. We will be reachable when ever you need

burgundy wine delivery

How Does The Magic Work

Enter our Private Wine Club

Choose what level of membership you would like:

Monthly membership without engagement, nice to have for a taste of what our Private Burgundy Wine Club can offer you. It is also a wonderful idea for a gift to a friend.

  Annual membership to have complete access to 12 monthly selections. You will have a full view of the best of what Burgundy as to offer when it comes to wine.

  VIP membership for our very special members who would like special attentions as private wine tastings with the wineries that has been selected. We also provide a customized selection if needed according to your taste each month.

Book your Selection

Each month you will discover a new selection that you can order for a preferential rate and that will be delivered to your door. 

We are not simply a “online commerce” but our value based on sustainable and local economy are why we have decided to launch this private wine club. Also, because we have shared so many precious moments with our customers and we would like to share and bring those marvelous gifts of the heart to you.

You will learn everything about what constitutes our wine selection and why we have chosen it: The Winery’s History, the vinification method chosen by the winemaker, the terroir that produces each bottle, the Burgundy Wine Appellation System and why we have chosen this particular winery.

burgundy wine selection

Enjoy your Precious Elixir at Home

We can deliver to almost every country (click on the link below for more details)

Burgundy wine casket

United States (2 options, boat or air)
Hong Kong
United Mexican States
South Africa
European countries as Belgium, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, United-Kingdom, Netherlands and Sweden

private burgundy wine club silver membership

Monthly Membership

A one-month membership to have a try

49 / Month
  • Get access for ordering One Selection
  • No Engagement

Annual Membership

Have access to every 12 selection ordering

490 / Year
  • Access All Selections during the Year
  • One annual payment

VIP Membership

For the Extended Experience

790 / Year
  • Access all wines beyond Selection
  • Customized order
  • Discover major rising quality Wineries

Grab your membership !

private burgundy wine club

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