Journey to Burgundy

Birth of the round table of taste

“A long time ago, we could enjoy the pleasures of Burgundy, discover its heritage and vineyards, taste divine dishes and exquisite wines, share exceptional moments and live well in the Burgundian way… But our land, the Duchy of Burgundy – as well as all the distant lands – was hit by a terrible evil depriving us of all these benefits of life. For the safety of the people, the kingdom fell asleep, the shops drew curtains, the festivals ceased, the sweet drink (which is wine) stopped flowing from the horns of plenty… This disease put an end to sharing, to the discovery of new experiences and to the well-being and good life of the people.

Refusing to give up this tradition of sharing, conviviality and the transmission of a historical heritage, a duo of priestesses and artisans of taste decided to unite in order to perpetuate the transmission of ancestral know-how. They created a secret brotherhood, a Round Table (a Wine Club), a community of hedonists. Their quest: to rediscover the paths of sharing, the pleasure of eating and drinking well together.

From then on, our secret brotherhood, Journey to Burgundy, invites the people of France and Navarre and more distant kingdoms to join their members, their round table of the Burgundian art of living, to discover and taste these elixirs of life, the wines of Burgundy.

– Secret Wine Tour

But What Is Burgundy ?

  • Burgundy is a world heritage classified by UNESCO, a diversity of climates and vineyards, a large number of flavors and taste craftsmen! It is a historical vineyard, with an ancestral heritage. It is one of the oldest vineyards in France, which appeared in ancient times and was shaped in the Middle Ages by the Cistercian monks and the Dukes of Burgundy, who made the prestige and grandeur of our beautiful vineyard. In short, it is a gastronomic territory of great importance!

  • Burgundy is 84 appellations, this exceptional profusion of prestigious AOC is due to the diversity of the Climats de Bourgogne (i.e. the terroirs, the geological and climatic characteristics and the exposure of each parcel). The hierarchy of wines may seem complex, but it is ultimately very logical thanks to its distribution on 4 levels: the regional appellations (more than 50% of production), the communal appellations, also called villages (more than 30% of production), the premiers crus (about 10% of production) and, at the top of the pyramid, the grands crus.

  • Burgundy wines are also a secular know-how, men and women who from generation to generation have acquired and optimized unique skills to shape exceptional wines.

  • Burgundy wines are characterized by several grape varieties but Pinot Noir and Chardonnay reign supreme in this vineyard. Pinot Noir is mysterious and complex, it can offer aromas and structures that vary according to its terroir and the hand that works it. It is an interpreter of the Burgundian terroir, thanks to its ability to transcribe the characteristics of the soil, it can offer wines with typical Burgundian flavors that can not be found anywhere else. As for Chardonnay, it allows us to offer the world the greatest white wines of the planet. Burgundy remains the place where Chardonnay is expressed with such precision, finesse and voluptuousness. This grape variety offers us aromas of lemon, white flowers, hazelnuts, almonds, brioche and citrus fruits with grace and elegance. Nevertheless Burgundy is not only 2 great king grape varieties but also the Aligoté and the Gamay of the Maconnais reds. We must not forget the grape varieties and terroir of the Franche Comté region, such as the Jura grape varieties from Trousseau to Poulsard or the Savagnin with its characteristic aromas.

  • Burgundy also offers us other treasures such as: the Marc de Bourgogne that we take out at the end of a meal of Paulée (but not only!), the blackcurrant cream (essential ingredient of the Kir) but also the “grande fine”, the Ratafia, the liqueurs and the fruits in the brandy…

Door to Door Burgundy Wine Shipping

  • We take care of every detail of the shipping administration process.
  • We specialize in shipping to the United States, but we can provide many other destinations so you can be a part of our Private Wine Club wherever you are (see the list of countries we are able to provide shipping services to in our FAQ ).
  • We pride ourselves on providing the best shipping and delivery services to your door. We are available and at your service for any information.
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